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Welcome to the Teacher Mentoring Hub where you can access high-quality, peer-reviewed resources and professional learning aligned to the teacher mentor roles and competencies and engage with other teacher mentors and mentoring leaders throughout the state.

About Hub

Developing and retaining high-quality educators is essential to student success.  Teacher mentoring is a critical component of supporting beginning educators as they acclimate to their local environments and to the teaching profession.  The ideal teacher mentor acts as an advocate, colleague, confidant, facilitator, friend, and model for the beginning teacher.  The resources available in this hub are intended to support teacher mentors in understanding their role and engaging in ongoing professional growth to better meet the needs of their mentees.

Teacher Mentoring PLC Groups are ACTIVE!

Oct. 24, 2023, 3:45 p.m.

Hello All! I am so excited to be able to use this amazing platform to connect with all of you across the state, whether you are an LEA representative, a Teacher Mentor, or a New Teacher. I will actively be posting in each of the groups and hope you will find this site to be a valuable resource in supporting you as we connect, collaborate, and create processes that will improve Mentoring and Induction programs in your area. 

Please visit the appropriate group to introduce yourself and provide valuable information about yourself or your programs and how you would like to improve.  

I look forward to working together! 

Professional Learning

Participate in teacher mentoring professional learning via Canvas. Click on the images below to self-enroll in Canvas modules that will guide you through learning, reflection, and creation activities related to each topic.


For Building Principals and School/District Administrators:

This short module provides building principals and school or district administrators with insights on how to use the Teacher Mentor Professional Learning Modules below to support the professional growth of mentors.  Click on the image to self-enroll in the Canvas module. For more information, contact Katie Jones at Katie.Jones@schools.utah.gov.

Building Principals and School/District Administrators


For Teacher Mentors:

The Canvas modules below are intended to provide focused professional learning for teacher mentors.  Click on the images to self-enroll in the modules and begin your professional learning journal as a teacher mentor.  For more information, contact Katie Jones at Katie.Jones@schools.utah.gov.

Module 1: Understanding and Preparing for your Role as Mentor


Understanding the Beginning Teacher


Getting the Mentoring Relationship Off to the Right Start


Facilitating Learning when Working with Adult Learners


Effective Mentoring Conversations


Using Coaching Cycles to Improve Instruction


Mastering Crucial Conversations


Essentials for Navigating the World of Special Education


Supporting High Quality Instruction - Goals and Outcomes

Module 10: Supporting High Quality Instruction - Planning Instruction

Module 11 Supporting High-Quality Instruction - Instruction

Module 15: Supporting Effective Classroom Management