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The Library Media hub provides access to:

  • High-quality, peer-reviewed teaching resources aligned to the Utah Library Media Standards
  • National Library Media Standards
  • Up-to-date information on school library program best practices and trends 

The school library program is critical to the learning process and student academic success. The necessary skills for college and career-ready students include being literate in a wide range of digital, visual, textual, and technological formats. Students need to be able to access, evaluate, and process information strategically and methodically in order to make informed decisions and create products involving critical thinking skills.

Highly effective teacher librarians, working in collaboration with content area teachers, provide research- and inquiry-based instruction to develop the students’ ability to find and use information to support their academic learning and personal development.

The Utah Library Media Standards are divided into three main areas:

  1. Reading Engagement
  2. Information and Research
  3. Media Literacy

-From the USBE Library Media Philosophy


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UELMA Conference

In this section, you will find presentations and other resources from past UELMA conferences. The resources have been arranged by year.

UIMC Resources

Quality content for your classroom! These resources have been curated and vetted by the Utah Instructional Media Consortium.