Utah Instructional Media Consortium

The Utah Instructional Media Consortium (UIMC) supports the educational needs of Utah educators and learners. UIMC acts as a recommending body to the Utah Education Network (UEN) for previewing, selecting, and licensing instructional media. Selected programs are distributed through UEN-TV and eMedia.

Participate in UIMC

Any Utah educator from any district/local education agency (LEA) is welcome to participate in the UIMC. We want educators from all Utah LEAs and subject areas to have a voice in the type of media that UETN licenses for broadcast and streaming. To find out how you can be part of UIMC, please contact the Utah Education Network.

UIMC Hub Retiring Soon

June 10, 2024, 5:03 p.m.

After careful consideration, UEN has decided to discontinue the Utah Instructional Media Consortium (UIMC), recognizing that it has successfully fulfilled its purpose. We appreciate the contributions of all those involved over the years. The videos curated in the UIMC eMedia hub will remain accessible in accordance with existing licensing agreements. Over the next month, we will be moving the UIMC collections to other eMedia hubs, primarily the Library Media hub, and the UIMC hub will be unpublished.

Resources by Year Acquired

Quality content for your classroom! These resources have been curated and vetted by the Utah Instructional Media Consortium.

Resources by Provider

Quality content for your classroom! These resources were created by providers recommended by the UIMC.

Provider Sets

Quality content for your classroom! These resources are organized by provider set. This means that the resources come from specific providers and were curated for a specific educational purpose.