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This lesson is about the properties of matter, and it is geard towards lower elementary school students (specifically for 2nd grade). This lesson has many scaffolds for all learners including pictures, sentence frames, and precision partnering discussions. It also incorporates many engaging opportunities for students to learn these skills in a hands-on and engaging way!All cited sources can be found on the bottom of this lesson plan.Title Image: "Solid~Liquid~Gas" by Ajith_chatie is licensed under CC BY 2.0.
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Rachel Teasley on Aug 05, 04:26pm

With support from a classmate, I was able to alter and edit my lesson to include a few more opportunities for engagement with my students! Under Day 4 in the instruction tab, I have included an opportunity for students to discuss how the properties of an object can change. I included scaffolds to start the lesson by providing students with specific pictures of objects, and asking students to think about how the property can change. After scaffolding, students think of their own objects and how the property changes form. With sentence frames included, students then discuss with peers to add an additional partner share activity.
Under Day 6 of the instruction tab, I have also included an activity where the class comes up with a substance song. I have included detailed instruction for teachers to use (if it is needed) and how the teacher can start the song/what the song lyrics can be. Teachers can use the scaffolds as much or as little as needed in this lesson activity.
I have also added the standards to the lesson, and I have made sure the links to all of the resources working. I have also included the citation for the lesson image under the preview page. I have checked for spelling mistakes/simple formatting mistakes to make sure the lesson is polished.

Monica Orton on Aug 04, 09:56pm

This lesson plan has more than one opportunity designed into the lesson for students to master the concept.
For an inquiry, activity ask students to think of a substance and ask the students how they would change the phase of the substance.
I wonder if the students would like to make up a song about how water changes phases.

Rachel Teasley @Monica Orton on Aug 05, 03:52pm

These are very cute suggestions Monica :) thank you for the helpful advice, I will definitely add those to my lesson!



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