This is a task to introduce students into solving equations. The task is meant to give students different strategies to solve all types of equations. Their is also the homework assignment that goes along with the lesson. Introduction to Solving One Step Equations © 2023 by H. Geof Hilton is licensed under CC BY 4.0  
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Kassidy on Jul 21, 08:49pm

I like the revisions you made from the feedback given already. I like that this activity is adaptable to different levels since the original problems may be a bit too complex for my students to do independently but i can edit the questions to better fit their level.
Something I wonder about this resource is what is the intended grade/standard it fits with. I didn't see a standard alignment listed. I know my resource was struggling to let me add a standard in the edit view so I don't know if yours was also struggling.
Overall great idea and well thought out lesson.

Hugh on Jul 19, 10:33am

Based off the feedback I added a question in the lesson plan where students get some practice with negative numbers in the lesson. I also added an answer key to go along with the homework.

Dawn Jones on Jul 13, 02:37pm

This activity is well written and aligns well to the two standards Math 7.EE.2 and 7.EE.4a. It looks to be a fun activity. I noticed that in the warm up and homework, most of the problems include positive and negative numbers, but the activity does not. The problems in the activity can be solved with only positive numbers. It has been a while since I’ve done 7th Grade Math. Are students to include and use negative numbers that will work in their equations? The second standard does use the wording “rational numbers” which could be either. If it is a requirement to include both in their equation or in at least one equation, then you might want to clarify that somewhere in your lesson plan. If not, would it be possible to include at least one problem with negative numbers? They will be working with negative numbers in their homework so it would be nice to have some problems in class using those.

It would also be helpful to provide answer sheets for both the class activity and homework page. That would go a long way for those like me who haven’t worked on this grade level. The answers will show what your expectations are and help me know how to guide the students during the activity. This could very well address my questions above.



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