2nd Grade Storyboarding/Scripting Introduction

Step 2 - Planning Instruction

Step 2 Planning Instruction

Student Background Knowledge

  • Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of characters, setting, and plot. They should be able to discuss what characters are like on the outside (how they look, what they do) and what characters are like on the inside (what their personalities are like, what they are thinking or feeling). Students should be able to not only identify a setting a story, but go in depth. The should know the place, time of day, and what the environment (weather) may be like in the setting or settings in their story. Students should have mastered what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of a story. In addition to the sequence of events, students should understand where the conflict and resolution should be in a story arc of a plot.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

  • Prior to this lesson, students should have practice activities identifying the characters, setting, and plot from stories with their teacher. There should be visual examples to support diverse learners, so they can see and hear the academic vocabulary being used prior to this lesson. For example, make sure to read a few picture books out loud to the class. Write the following sentence frames on the board: The characters are _________. The setting is _________. At the beginning of the story, __________. In the middle of the story, _____________. At the end of the story, ____________. The problem in the story is ____________. The resolution in the story is ____________.  
  • Depending on the academic levels of the class, precision partners can be used to support students who may need a partner to support them with the sentence frames and the examples. The teacher can do a few picture book examples out loud with the class, then move to partners reading books together and identifying the reading concepts together. This is a great opportunity to also remind the students to go in depth about the characters, setting, and plot.
  • The following anchor charts have been attached and sources have been cited for use and scaffold for all learners: characters, setting, plot