2nd Grade Storyboarding/Scripting Introduction

Background for Teachers


  • To teach this lesson, you will need an understanding of storyboarding, script writing, camera angles, and how to cite sources for videos. These will be important for you to know because you will be teaching them to your students in order for them to create their own scripts and storyboards. Below, I will include links to videos that will be helpful for you. I will also include these videos within the lesson plan to show to your class, as well as include the citation for these resources on the bottom of this lesson plan in the citation group.
  • You will need knowledge about key people/concepts/vocabulary/formulas before teaching this lesson, including what a storyboard is, as well as tools in iMovie, such as tools for editing videos, deleting or adding audio, adding in subtitles and transitions, and how to include a citation list at the end. These will be important concepts for you students as well when they begin the filmmaking process, however with this specific lesson, you will be the only person who needs to know these tools in iMovie.
  • Additional academic vocabulary students should know: playwriting, script, character, plot, conflict, resolution.
  • The following video resources can help you teach this topic...citations are included on the bottom of this lesson.
  • The Basics of Storyboarding in Under 5 Minutes 
  • Marilyn Bianchi Kids' Playwriting Festival
  • 4 Framing and Composition Techniques for Beginners 
  • iMovie Basics: Video Editing Tutorials for Beginners
  • Citing Sources