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    Education Standards

    My Plate

    My Plate


    This lesson is a great resource for a Health class when studying nutrition as well as Directed Study or Study Skill classes with life skills standards. The lesson engages students in creating healthy meals with the MyPlate guidelines, as well as has them practice their photography basic techniques. 

    •  Directed Studies Standard IL3 (Independent Living 3) Students will demonstrate healthy eating and my plate. 
    • Health Strand 5 Standard 6.N.1: Locate age appropreiate guidelines for eating and physical activity.

    Summary of Lesson


    This lesson focuses on the Directed Studies Standard IL3 (Independent Living 3) Students will demonstrate healthy eating and my plate.  Health Strand 5 Standard 6.N.1: Locate age appropreiate guidelines for eating and physical activity.  Students will be demonstrating their knowledge by creating a healthy meal at home and documenting it through photography.Locate age-appropriate guidelines for eating and physical activity.

    The lesson consists of three sections: Instruction on My Plate (25mins), creation of meal at home (however long they take at home), and a visual representation of their My Plate creation (45 mins-1 hour on a separate school day). The format of the lesson could be modified to be face-to-face, virtual, asynchronous, or syncrhonous. 

    Author: Moriah Fuller

    Title Photo: Graphic created by Moriah Fuller with images from Adobe Stock Photo


    What Background Do Teachers Need to Have

    To teach this lesson, you will need an understanding of the guidelines of MyPlate. You will also need to have background knowledge in photography as well as Canva or Abobe Express to help students take photos of their MyPlate meals and create poster of them for the project. 




    Learning Intentions and Success Criteria



    Learning Intentions:

    • Students are learning to understand the importance of having different groups of nutrients in their meals. 
    • Students are learning to identify what food items fit into the different food groups. 

    Success Criteria:

    • Students will create a meal at home using the My Plate guidelines. 
    • Students will design a poster using photos they took of their My Plate meal that was created at home.




    Student Background Knowledge

    • Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of different foods and food groups, basic photography skills, and basic knowledge of creation technology such as Canva or Adobe Express. Also, some students will need to know how to properly cite and give credit (copyright and free use guidelines) in case they forgot to take a picture of a food they used on their My Plate at home. 

    Strategies for Diverse Learners

    Teacher will send home pictures of possible examples of MyPlate meals so that students can have an example to follow. Some students may be given permission to use photos from the internet, rather than taking their own if needed. Teacher will front load vocabulary and make sure that the students have a vocabulary list with the vocabulary word in their native language, along with the english translation. Teacher will find a tutorial of how to use Canva or Adobe Express in students native langauage(if there is one) so that the students can learn how to use the program in their native language. 



    Introduce objectives for the standard. Ask students to repeat what they should know or what they will be able to do after this lesson. 

    Use the Nutrition and My Plate power point to discuss the food groups, groups of nutrition, functions of nutrition, and My Plate guidelines. If you would like, you can create a nearpod with similar content to enhance the instructional portion with interactive activities.

    Pair students up so they can share ideas of what MyPlate meal they would like to create at home. Students will write down their ideas/sketch their plan on a piece of paper. 

    Students create their My Plate meal at home and take pictures of the food items they are using seperately and then one of the completed plate. Remind students that their pictures should taken with the basic photography techniques in mind. 

    The next time they are in your class, review Canva and Adobe Express tools, let the students decide which they would like to use to make their poster. Give students time to create their posters using the photos they took at home. Show them the title image of this lesson as an example poster. 


    Nutrition and MyPlate Powerpoint created by Emily Mckernan, found on This is a free downloadable resource. 

    Students will create a meal using the MyPlate guidelines at home and demonstrate it with a poster.


    Use the poster that the students created to assess their understanding and proficiency of the standard.   Use the attached rubric to assess the poster that was made.