Students will learn that animals have parts that are called features, and those features have functions that allow them to survive in their habitat. Students will conduct research on an animal of their choice and write an informative paragraph about that animals features.
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Charity Wight on Mar 01, 08:48pm

Something I love about this resource is the progression in writing. I think sometimes especially in 2nd grade we just expect students to know how to write sentences and even paragraphs on their own. I love that in the beginning they are simply answering questions and then it builds into a paragraph form.

Sharyn Manley on Feb 28, 02:51pm

I like that this resource teaches kids how to practice writing a paragraph. So many kids struggle with writing, and this lesson plan focuses on the three simple steps in writing an informative paragraph: topic sentence, supporting details, and conclusion. I also like that the standards for Science and Language Arts were included. Maybe something that would make it easier for students to organize their information before writing their paragraph, would be to have them write their research information on an essay map, rather than in their notebook. Another thing I liked about this lesson plan was that the teacher models with the whole class how to gather information about their animals and write a paragraph first.

Jessica Knorr on Feb 22, 03:28pm

I edited this lesson plan based on feedback from a friend. I fixed several typos throughout! I edited the rubric to include points. I updated the overview so that it more comprehensible. I fixed the picture citation as it was done incorrectly. I added another resource witch is a YouTube video that will be helpful in teaching or refreshing students on what features of animals are and how those features have a specific function that allows them to survive in their habitat.



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