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This is an introductory lesson about how to use SER and ESTAR in Spanish.Image of Mexican Flag taken by Mike McCullough, author.
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Mike on Aug 08, 03:51pm

**** UPDATE: I added an oral and listening section to the assessment section. I was reminded that reading and writing are a good start, but staying in the target language is the most important of all.

Christina Nelson on Aug 06, 11:41pm

Something I like about this resource is you give clear instructions and although it is understood that this is mainly for Spanish teachers, you still provide links and documents for teachers to refer back to. I love the final informal assessment--it was actually fun to click on the answers and find out immediately if I was right or not.

An opportunity for improvement of this resource is maybe adding a speaking component. Reading and writing are often the last areas for students to master; it is very valuable to have speaking and listening time in some format--maybe skits or a pairs activity where students can practice using ser and estar correctly.

Something I wonder about this resource is if there is a way to add visuals. One of the resources described how you could describe an apple as green while meaning two different things. Would it be possible to have photos or actual objects to practice using ser and estar on? Visuals can be helpful with language learning.

One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is focusing on using Spanish more during the lesson--a quicker explanation in English, followed by numerous examples and practice in Spanish. I know this is for a level 1 class and is just introducing the two verbs, but it might be helpful to be in the target language more often. I found that getting the students speaking in the target language as much as possible generally led to their understanding the concepts faster.


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