My Summer Fun Narrative Writing

Step 4 - Assessments

Step 4 Assessments


During the writing of "Summer Fun" I will meet with each student one-on-one. I will work with them during the process of their writing piece. I will witness their reasoning behind their choices of writing. I will ask questions and I will hear and discuss with them about praises and corrections on their writing. I will be with them each step of the way. I feel with working one-on-one with each student during the writing process, I will have perfect formative assessment with each student. During this time, the students can also self monitor, self reflect, and self assess their work. 

When the students present their stories to the class is when I will do my summative assessment of their writing piece. Yes, I was with them during the writing, I want to take their assessment on their delivery of their writing piece. The presentations should be fantastic. I will stress to the students to 'live in the moment' when they tell us about their summer fun. 

With working with each student one-on-one I will be able to see if they are meeting the standards that I need them to meet and also see if they will reach mastery in their writing piece hitting the strong points of the rubric. I will be witnessing if they are: 

  • able to write a narrative in which they recount a well-elaborated event or short sequence of events, including details to describe actions, thoughts, and feelings, using temporal words to signal even order, and provide a sense of closure. 
  • accepting guidance and support from their peers, if they are focusing on the topic and strengthening writing as needed by revising and editing. 
  • recalling information from experiences and/or gathering information from provided sources to answer a question. 

I will know they have reached the Success Criteria:

  • When they complete their narrative writing about their Summer Fun following directions and hitting the key points on the rubric for a successful writing piece.