My Summer Fun Narrative Writing

Step 2 - Planning Instruction

Step 2 Planning Instruction


  • Prior to this lesson, students learned to write in narrative form in first grade. To refresh their memory, we will go over the elements of how to write in narrative form to make sure they remember. We will watch 'Jack Hartman Parts of a Story' video and then we will do a writing piece together to refresh their memory after the long summer break. We will work on a writing piece in whole group.
  • The writing piece we will do together will be about my "Summer Fun". They will help me with ideas and go thru the steps of the entire paper to help me complete my narrative writing. 
  • Then, I will present my finished story to the class. 
  • When Rotations start, if needed, I will work with small groups to make sure they understand the assignment. 
  • When they work in rotation/centers together, they will be able to collaborate on their writing piece. 
  • They will work with me one-on-one after each paper is completed. We will make sure they are ready to move onto the next page. 
  • We will work on this piece all week or longer if needed to make sure the students remember the elements of writing in narrative form.