My Summer Fun Narrative Writing

Step 3 - Instruction

Step 3 Instruction


  • As a whole group, we will work on page 8 of "Summer Fun". We will talk about ideas the students can write down. Page 8 is a sloppy copy of their ideas about their summer fun. We will start this as a whole group to give the students a jump start on their writing. They will be allowed to discuss with their table about ideas they want to include. With the table talking and sharing their adventures, it may spark a memory for some to include in their writing piece. 
  • After we work on it as a whole group, the students will break out into rotations. The 'Writing Rotation" is the rotation that they will work on their narrative piece. They will have this as a rotation until they finish their writing piece. 
  • The students will work on one page at a time. The students will go over their pages with me one-on-one before they can get the next page for writing. 
  • After the students have their 'sloppy copy' of ideas, and we've reviewed it together, they will receive page 9. On page 9, they will put their narrative story into step 1, 2, and 3. Step 1, 2, and 3 is the sequencial writing of their events in first, next, and last. Their summer fun will be written in chronological order.
  • After they complete their first, next, and last writing, and we've reviewed it together, they will get page 11. On page 11, they will write an introduction and closing statement about their Summer Fun. 
  • Once they have pages 9 and 11 completed, and we've reviewed it together, they will get page 13 to put all of their writing together. They will write their introduction, details, and closing statement using their best hand writing. 
  • When the students have completed their writing, they will read it to the class. We will spend a couple of days with the students reading their pieces so everyone has the opportunity to read their fun summer adventures. This is also where I will be gathering my summative assessment. 
  • Once the class has completed presenting their stories, as a whole group, we will talk about giving our opinion about someone's writing. I will teach them what constructive criticism is. We will learn how to express our thoughts in a kind manner. 
  • Continuing as a whole group......once we finish the talk about giving proper, kind feedback to someone, the students will work with their 6 o'clock partner on page 17. After students read their partners story, on page 17, they are to write down 2 strengths and 2 areas of improvement for their partner. Once they finish writing opinions for their partners paper, they are to discuss why they chose to share those ideas. I will walk around and listen to the feedback the students give to each other. 
  • When all of the papers are completed, the students will staple all of the papers together. I want to discuss the stories one-on-one with each student. I want to know their feedback about the paper. I want them to tell me if they agree with their 6 o'clock partners ideas of strengths and areas of improvement. I want to hear what they think their strengths and areas of improvements are.