This is a project designed for the College and Career Awareness course in order to help students to participate in a simulated CTSO event.  It is based on the Technology Student Association (TSA) Middle School Competition called "Children's Stories."  In groups, they will be creating an illustrated book that teaches children about technology.  While this has been designed as a 3 day project, there is a lot of flexibility depending on schedules and if you want to give additional time outside of class for them to work on it or more time in class.
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David on Aug 06, 10:20pm

Thank you for your comments, Travis! They are very much appreciated.

One major concern for my class is always time (I only get my students for one term, A-B days, so about 20 days total). But, I completely agree that adding a few days to my plan could be super beneficial for teachers that have a bit more time in their schedule available. With that in mind, I have made a few additional changes that should hopefully give a bit more flexibility to teachers in the position to take more time.

*Added a 3-5 day plan instead of just 3. Day 1 (optional) is a literature review where the teacher presents a storybook to students and models presentation skills before giving students a chance to look at various examples. Day 2 is the storyboard day. Day 3 is a work day. Day 4 is the last class day to complete their stories. Day 5 (optional) is a presentation day.

*Mentioned that this could become a more digital assignment for classes that have more time or students that have high levels of skill in digital tools. I have found that this takes too much time for my class to allow this, but could certainly be valuable in classes that have more time. Besides, there are more types of technology than just computers, which I point out to my students, showing them how beneficial basic technologies like scissors, staplers (especially long-arm ones), and colored pencils are.

Again, thank you for your suggestions and your kind words!

Travis Foster on Aug 06, 08:11pm

Hi David,
Something I like about this resource is the idea of the students creating their own illustrated book on technology. I really think that is a great project that students will love to participate in. This is a very real-world project, which is something that I really like about your lesson plan as well.
I feel that an opportunity for improvement in your lesson plan would be the final presentation or how the students/groups are presenting their illustrated books. I feel that presenting two books per day would take a lot of class time away from other units or curriculum items. I would strongly suggest a school event or class event where all of the groups in class could show their books and present them in a gallery fashion. Also, you could display them in the school library for a week or two and students could vote on their favorite story, book or illustration. I just see this as a great opportunity to show their work to the entire school.
Something I wonder about this resource is what technology is going to be used to produce the books. I feel that this is a great opportunity for the students to experiment and use a variety of technology applications that could really progress this assignment to the next level.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is to have examples that students can look through at the beginning of the project or go visit the library and have your students go through children's books and analyze and evaluate what goes into a good children's book. Also, I think this would be a great opportunity to have a section or lesson about the process of creating a children's book, going from an idea to the final product. I feel like students would be very interested in that and to see how many different jobs go into making a book.
Overall, great job with your lesson. I think you have an awesome idea!


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