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This is a lesson plan created by Johanna Durham for use in a virtual 7/8 grade classroom on prefixes and suffixes. This lesson draws connections between affixes and roots and how Pokemon names work. This lesson will help students gain a better understanding of different parts of a word.Image Credit: Mikel on Unsplash - https://unsplash.com/photos/DypO_XgAE4Y 
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Literature, English Language Arts, Society and Culture
Upper Elementary, Middle School
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David on Aug 04, 01:48pm

Something I like about this resource is...
This is a topic that is very age appropriate for many of the students you are trying to teach. Many of them already know a good deal about Pokemon, but do not realize that their knowledge can actually help them learn something in the real world. It's a fun way to apply that knowledge to something else and learn some new stuff along the way.

An opportunity for improvement of this resource is...
Possibly having some way in the material where students can learn what all of the prefixes and suffixes used later in the nearpod actually mean. If they do not know what anti means, do you have a ready resource for them to figure that out?

Something I wonder about this resource is...
How many students find this to be "too young" for them? I really like that you included a dinosaur version of this as well, but I know that some 7th and 8th graders might find both of those to be "for little kids." As a 7th and 8th grade teacher myself, I think that many of my students would absolutely eat this up, but I know that some would at least express that it was for little kids (even if they were secretly enjoying it a lot).

One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is...
I think it might be cool to have a slide after the matching section where you show all of the Pokemon that were in the activity next to their names so that the students can see why "air finger" does make sense. It might be more for the satisfaction of the students than actual learning, but I think it could help to cement some of the prefixes and suffixes a bit more in their heads.

Johanna @David on Aug 10, 01:45pm

Thanks David! You had some great comments, and I have added a slide to the nearpod showing pictures of the Pokemon they are matching words to. I have also added an extra resource to the lesson in the instruction section to give the students extra, more traditional practice on prefixes and suffixes. I'll continue to work on improving this! Thanks for your feedback!



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