In this lesson students will learn how to add decimals to the hundredths place.   Image by Tiffany Hale
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Tiffany Hale on Jul 26, 12:11am

I have now included that this lesson would be taught after a lesson where students have explored different ways of adding decimals using concrete models or drawing and strategies based on place value. I also mentioned that the students are encouraged to use different strategies while completing their work. I emphasized that the colored place value tables are optional and for students who may need extra scaffolding.

Mikki Stuart on Jul 22, 01:03pm

Something I like about this resource is the wonderful task you have. This is a great opportunity for students to connect something they are learning to something that is relevant to them. I love that this is an open-ended task that could be solved in many ways.

An opportunity for improvement of this resource is change your learning goal to what the students will actually be learning not what they will be able to do. More than being able to add decimals what mathematical concept do you want them to learn.

Something I wonder about this resource is do you need the colored worksheet? I would love to see the strategies students come up with before giving them an algorithm to solve.

One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is what other ways can students arrive at your learning goal. Check out Pam Harris - Math is Figureoutable. She totally changed the way I view and teach math.



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