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Education Standards

Concepts of Print

Concepts of Print


Children will learn how to correctly hold a book, notice the spacing between words, tie illustrations to text, and track the words with a finger. Children will demonstrate that reading is done left to right, top to bottom, and front to back.


Take time at least once a week to teach the concepts of print to your child(ren).  Teach how to hold a book, point out the spacing between words, tie illustrations to text, track the words with your finger as you read to demonstrate reading from left to right and top to bottom.  

Once your child(ren) is comfortable, hand them a book upside down and backwards to see if they can demonstrate knowledge of holding a book and opening to the front page.  Watch them as they imitate reading familiar stories with you.  Notice if they are pointing and orienting left to right and top to bottom movements on a page. 



Children’s books

Background for Teachers/Parents

Make this fun and engaging. When children “read” to you, make sure it is a book they have heard repeatedly.  

Intended Learning Outcomes

Children will correctly hold a book and demonstrate that print is read from top to bottom, left to right, and front to back. 

Time Frame & Group Size

Time Frame:10 minutes

Group Size: Individual works best for demonstration of skills although teaching can occur in any size group.


Main Standards:

  • ELA 3 & 4 yr.2.1
  • ELA 3 & 4 yr.2.2
  • ELA 3 & 4 yr.2.4
  • ELA 3 & 4 yr.2.6