A Christmas Carol LessonThis lesson uses the acronym STEAL to teach characterization as students read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Time Frame: 10 ELA blocks of about 30 min each.
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Becky Johnson-Diamond on Jul 29, 09:08pm

I revised my resource by adding a think, pair, share where students use movie and book characters that they know to practice filling out the STEAL characterization chart. I also added a Character Traits List Attachment as a resource. Last, I added some questions that teacher might ask students to improve discussion.

Caroline on Jul 28, 11:35am

This lesson is engaging and get students thinking about characterization, The graphic organizers are helpful as students read through the text. I also like how you have included extensions and accommodations. I like the strategy of having the student use STEAL to guide them through the text while citing areas of characterization. An opportunity for improvement of this resource is having students work in small groups off and on to discuss their findings and insight. Something I wonder about this resource is if students get an opportunity to discuss the book as a whole class. One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is including supportive questions for each day that you've found create good conversation with your students.



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