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    This resource is a Social Studies student activity that utilizes Utah's Online Library resources - specifically, World Book Encyclopedia (World Book Discover) and eMedia to help students learn about continents. 

    About Utah’s Online Library

    Utah's Online Library provides Utah educators and students free access to high-quality reference collections such as EBSCO, Gale Reference Collection, World Book, eMedia, and LearningExpress Library.

    This activity was designed to help educators utilize this amazing resource in their classrooms.

    Note: Utah educators and students visiting Utah's Online Library from a school computer should be automatically authenticated. When at home, students must use the home access login that their teacher or school media specialist can provide. Utah educators can use either their my.uen login or the home access login.


    Essential Question: How are continents different from countries?

    Seven continents! Students can find numerous resources and concentrated information about each continent in Utah's Online Library's World Book Encyclopedia. World Book is so versatile and has many sections that we sometimes overlook. Select World Book from the main Utah's Online Library page. Then choose World Book Discover. You will notice that the Discover portion of World Book contains great information covering many curricular topics. Choose Places from the menu on the right. Then choose Continents from the menu on the left.

    Which continent is the largest? Which is the smallest? What are some of the most prominent physical features of each continent? How many countries make up each continent (for example, 50 countries make up Asia). Which continent is both a country and a continent? Are the middle eastern countries of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, etc. part of the European continent or the Asian continent?

    Scientists have developed specific criteria for a heavenly object to be designated as a planet. Are there criteria for a landmass to be designated a continent? Have your students develop a pneumonic sentence using the first letter of each continent to learn the continents from biggest to smallest. In order of size, they are:

    1. Asia
    2. Africa
    3. North America
    4. South America
    5. Antarctica
    6. Europe
    7. Australia

    Example: Abigail Adams never sang around earless aliens. eMedia has numerous excellent videos about continents in general and continents individually.


    Curriculum Connections:

    Secondary - Social Studies - Geography for Life