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A study of "Symbols of America" for Kindergarten focusing on the US Flag, White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, and the bald eagle. This lesson can be completed in one day or extended over a week or two.
Lower Elementary
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Erin Ropelato on Apr 22, 09:52pm

I made several revisions to this lesson plan by adding a list of facts for each US Symbol under the Background for Teachers section. I also added a video for each US Symbol that teachers could show their students to teach about each symbol along with an introductory video. All videos are "kid-friendly", short, and easy to understand.

Rebecca on Apr 15, 12:36pm

One thing I liked about this lesson plan is that it is well organized and gives a lot of material that you can look through which is awesome. It has a lot of symbols that would benefit kindergarteners to know about their meanings.

An opportunity for improvement of this resource is possibly narrowing the information down to specific paragraphs that would be helpful. I know that citing takes a lot of time so possibly just citing a paragraph or two on the lesser symbols that teachers would not need to spend as much time teaching. If the citing process takes too long, then possibly, highlighting the top 3 to 5 symbols for teachers to really know and then let the teacher decide what else their students could benefit from learning.
Something I wonder about this resource is, are there any videos on Youtube or Khan Academy that could help the students learn about the symbols as well as see them. Here is a quick intro video that might help https://youtu.be/a1d_JlYbDQQ or there are more in-depth ones on youtube as well. I saw that each of your resources had a video attached but I was thinking it might be nice to have one video to use as an overview to start out as an introduction to your other materials.

One thing that might help with the design is to have students have access to a book online that can read to them. I don't know if you can find your copy of your book that you will hand out as a slideshow, but it might help increase interest if it were on an IPAD.

Overall, I thought this was a great lesson.

Erin Ropelato @Rebecca on Apr 22, 10:03pm

Thank you for the suggestion, Rebecca. I added several additional resources to the Background for the Teacher section with videos and lists of facts for each US Symbol so teachers wouldn't need to find these facts on their own. I also found a link on youtube for the "US Symbols" book to introduce the students to the lesson (if you cannot find the book to read). The suggestions were very helpful, making this lesson more teacher-friendly.



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