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    Creating a Mini Golf Course

    Creating a Mini Golf Course


    Students will engage with one another to design, create, and build a mini golf course hole using recycled materials.  Once completed, the students will need to explain how their hole works using scientific terminolgy such as force and gravity.  This hands-on, fun, creative activity will serve as an assessment tool on what students understand about the concept of force and gravity.


     Students will work in pairs to create a mini golf course hole out of recycled items in order to demonstrate their knowledge of gravity and force.  This project will take two hours to complete and will be done face to face for an engaging hands on activity.

    Background for Teachers:

    Teachers must understand the terms gravity (a force of attraction that pulls together all matter) and force (a push or a pullin order to teach this lesson.  Your students must know these terms too.  If they do not, viewing the videos and websites attatched in this lesson plan will teach these terms and help your students gain an understanding of what gravity and force are before participating in this activity. 

    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes:

    Step 1 Goals and Outcomes


    Students will create a mini golf course hole from recycled items and will demonstrate their understanding of gravity and force through this hands on activity while building and creating it.  Later their success criteria will be based on how well they demonstrated how their hole functions while describing how it works using science based vocabulary terms such as gravity, force, volume, mass, speed, and gravitational pull.

    Step 2 - Planning Instruction:

    Step 2 Planning Instruction

    Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of gravity and force.  A fun and informative video and has been listed below to help reinforce a student's understanding of gravity and force. Students who may struggle more will be placed with an other student who can help lead, direct, and assist them in their learning.  Also, students who prefer working alone will be able to have this option also, in order to help those that are more introverted.

    For addition information on gravity, a video has been included to help students struggling with the concept of gravity and force to help boost their understanding of these scientific terms.



    Step 3 - Instruction:

    Step 3 Instruction

    Teachers must have recycled materials (cardboard boxes, plastic containers, paper bags, scrap paper, milk jugs, cardboard tubes, aluminum cans, glass jars, etc...) available along with tape, glue, paper, rubber bands, and scissors. An added idea would be to ask your students to bring their own recycled materials from home before assigning this activity.   This would allow for a larger variety of recycled materials available for use.  A large working space will also be needed along with putters (manufactured or created) and golf balls.  Also, a premade mini golf course hole will be needed to demonstrate this activity to the class.

    The folllowing intructions will be used for this activity:

    1. The teacher will review with his or her students, the definition of force and gravity, refering to the websites listed above if needed for extra reinforcement.

    2. Next, if needed, students will watch "Bill Nye The Science Guy, Gravity" video for extra review if necessary.

    3. The teacher will then ask the students the definition of gravity and force and have a discussion about what they have learned.

    4. When the teacher feels his or her students understand the terms gravity and force, he or she will then explain that they will be creating a mini golf course hole out of recyled items in order to demonstrate the terms gravity and force. Next, the teacher will inform the students that they will need to putt a golf ball into their hole to demonstrate and explain how their hole works including the terms gravity and force.

    5. The teacher will then demomstrate his or her mini golf course hole that he or she has already created by showing how it was put together and then putting a golf ball in the hole. While doing this, he or she will explain how the hole works, using the terms gravity and force, in order to model what is being expected in this activity.

    6. Students will then begin working in pairs or alone to create their mini golf course hole.

    7. Next, students will be given materials to create and build a mini golf course hole with available recycled items, glue, tape, rubber bands and scissors. 

    8. Students, after constructing their hole, will then demonstrate to the class how their hole works using a putter and golf ball, while verbally explaining how it works using the terms gravity and force.  

    9.  If time allows, have tudents collaborate with each other on future ideas of hands on activities that promote gravity and force.

    10.  Also, if time and space allows, take their mini golf holes outside and place them in a circle and enjoy playing a round of mini golf.

    Step 4 - Assessments


    Student learning will be assessed based on participation, being able to demonstarte and explain how their mini golf hole functions using scientific terms gravity and force.  The teacher will coninue to observe and monitor the activity asking questions, giving feedback, and interacting with the students while they design, create, and build.