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This is a context clue lesson plan. It includes a pre-test and post-test and strategies to teach context clues. 
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Christina Hurley MEd-EDL on Jul 06, 12:23pm

I wasn't able to access the google form quiz, but all of the other resources are great!

Danielle on Apr 15, 01:42pm

Something I like about this resource is the combination of resources you included. For example, you included a graphic, a video, a worksheet (assessment), and an article. All of these resources seem very accessible to students--even the article from UOL.

An opportunity for improvement of this resource is to have more opportunities for a pre-assessment to compare how students have improved. I am just being super critical about this for the sake of this assignment. Personally, I saved it to use with my students in the future because I think it's genuinely great!

Something I wonder about this resource is if it takes a long time to grade? Do you create a self-grading Canvas quiz to save you grading time?

One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is to reconsider your thumbnail image to something more welcoming or colorful :)

Rebecca @Danielle on Apr 17, 12:42am

Danielle, thank you so much for your comments and suggestions. We changed the picture to something we created in wordart.com. I definitely think it helps add to the appeal of the lesson.

I would have never thought of adding a way to grade the assessment online because I am not a teacher. That was such a good suggestion. I don't have full access to Canvas so I couldn't create a quiz there, but we did include a Google Form that allows teachers to save time grading that way. If you can't access it for your lesson, let me know. I did change the Google Access but it sometimes is fussy.

I also added another practice test to the start of the lesson. It is so you can gain more data if needed. It can also be used as another assessment if you would like. Thank you. I think your suggestions really helped us see it from a teacher's point of view.

Tara @Danielle on Apr 17, 12:40am

I'm so glad you're planning to use this with your students. Thank you for your feedback, such a great idea to make a self-grading quiz! We added two google form quizzes. We also added a second pretest to have more opportunities to compare how students have improved. Finally, we designed a more fun/colorful thumbnail image. Again thanks for your feedback, we loved all of your suggestions and hope it will make our lesson plan more user-friendly and useful.



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