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  • Digital Citizenship
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    How Can I Be a Good Digital Citizen?

    How Can I Be a Good Digital Citizen?


    This lesson plan is designed to allow students to explore different aspects of digital citizenship.  You should begin with a brief discussion and then allow students to proceed through the Hyperdoc, making their own selections of which media to watch/play and which questions to discuss with a partner. 


    This digital citizenship lesson allows students to explore a variety of videos, games, and discussion questions to develop their own understanding of digital citizenship and what it means to them to be a good digital citizen.

    • This lesson can be completed in 60 minutes (could easily be split into 2-30 minutes segments)
    • Students work at their own pace but will need a partner for the discussion section


    Background for Teachers

    In this section, explain what teachers need to know before teaching this lesson. This is a great place to include articles, files, and web links that will help teachers research the topic covered in the lesson. Here are some sentence starters that might help you compose this section of your lesson:

    • To teach this lesson, you will need a basic understanding of what digital citizenship means to you and how you picture that looking in your classroom.
    • Review all the attached links in the Hyperdoc so you are familiar with the content and can converse with the students about a variety of digital citizenship topics.
    • The following resources can help you understand/teach this topic:


    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes


    Learning Intentions:

    • Students will be able to watch two vidoes of their choice and share their learnings.
    • Students will play a digital citizenship game that includes specific scenarios from which they can learn tips/rules for being a good digital citizen.
    • Students will discuss digital citizenship with a partner.

    Success Criteria:

    • Students will be able to identify three important aspects of digital citizenship.
    • Students will define what it means to be a digital citizen.

    Step 2 - Planning Instruction


    Student Background Knowledge

    • Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of the definition of a digital citizen.  Begin by talking about what a citizen is (someone who belongs to a group or community).  Then discuss how this translates to a digital community. What are some citizenship principles that apply to both communities? What principles are unique to an online setting?
    • Prior to this lesson, students will need to know how to click and open links in a Google Hyperdoc and navigate through filling out the answer blocks. 

    Strategies for Diverse Learners

    Diverse learners may need to have the Hyperdoc modified to meet their needs. Some modifications might include:

    • Watch only one video and share two things they learned.
    • Watch all four videos, share observations, and skip the reminder of the activities
    • For ELL's, Interland-Be Internet Awesome is available in Spanish.    
    • Discuss the questions with the teacher instead of a peer

    Step 3 - Instruction


    Assign each student their own copy of the Dig Cit Hyperdoc in your prefered platform.  Instruct students to follow the instructions on the hyperdoc: watch, play, discuss, respond as appropriate.  Walk the room and engage students in discussion as they work through the steps.  


    Step 4 - Assessments


    Assessments are embedded within the hyperdoc. 

    • Students will watch vidoes and then find three main points
    • Students will play a dig cit game and then find a connection to their own life.
    • Students will get together with a partner and discuss questions of their choice and some of what they have watched/played.