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Math in Everyday Life

Math in Everyday Life


This is a lesson plan that has students use Adobe Creative Cloud Express to investigate how math is used in everyday life.


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Students will investigate how math is used in everyday life and prepare a presentation of their findings using Adobe Creative Cloud Express



Background for Teachers

Familiarity with Adobe Creative Cloud Express is needed for this lesson.


Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes


Student will recognize that math is used outside the classroom in a variety of situations.  


Step 2 - Planning Instruction


When planning instruction recognize that not all students may be familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud Express, or even how to use digital devices in this manner.  It will be helpful to do a formative assessment on these skills and group students such that each group has at least one or two students who are comfortable with the technology.

Step 3 - Instruction

Begin with a short review of Adobe Creative Express, and do a formative assessment to identitfy any students who need additional support using the software.  Also review the importance of properly citing images and how to cite them.

Working in groups, have students use Adobe Creative Cloud Express to prepare examples of how math is used in the local community in everyday life.  See example below: 

Note that this is a critical-thinking exercise, so each group must come up with their own unique ideas; provide the example to the students, but ideas from the example will not be accepted.

Also provide the rubric to the students so they will know how they will be graded.

Students are to use the rubric and the example project will little or no extra explanation - it's always fun to see what they come up with