This is a lesson plan that introduces rotational and reflectional symmetry with geometric shapes, focusing on regular polygons. Notes (two copies: a student version and also an answer key, both as a Word doc and a PDF), assignment, and cut-out shapes are provided.
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Kimberly on Feb 23, 12:18am

Updated lesson plan changes:
- title image updated to a better size
- expanded materials section
- additional resources in the Background for Teachers section
- Strategies and processes discussed in the Planning Instruction section to include possible grouping or virtual learning
- Visual representation of the instructions (with answer key) shown in the instructions section
- Notes updated to include more clear and concise instruction
- Answer key included for both notes and assignment

Note: the rubric was left as is, as the rubric can either be used for the written assignment, or a shorter version could be used for the exit ticket.

Myra on Feb 18, 03:56pm

Something I like about this resource is the provided background videos.

An opportunity for improvement of this resource is to provide videos that student could use to learn. The videos provided are good, but one that actually manipulated and moved the shape would be helpful for those that struggle with mentally manipulating the images. https://contrib.pbslearningmedia.org/WGBH/mgbh/mgbh-int-anglerota/index.html

Something I wonder about this resource is if the teacher lesson is supposed to have possible answers for the questions.

One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is to include example answers on the teacher pages.

Laura Zwahlen on Feb 17, 10:20pm

Something I like about this resource is the videos for the teacher background, the attached word documents, and the student made manipulatives. I have a pretty good math background and teach 7th grade math but I haven’t done rotational symmetry for a while. By watching the videos, I felt much more prepared before tackling the lesson. I also liked that word documents were included in the activities for teachers to edit and make their own. Having students cut out shapes to physically manipulate is wonderful! I think that will really help students who have a hard time visualizing how the shape would like as it rotates.

An opportunity for improvement of this resource is to give details in the instruction section about the strategies and process in which this lesson could best be delivered. Should part of the lesson be completed as a class then release students to work? Would it work best if students worked in pairs?

Something I wonder about this resource is if there is a difference between the student and teacher version of the lesson plan? Also, if I am doing a quick exit ticket, I wonder if the rubric could be simplified?

One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is to possibly have what materials need to be prepared for the lesson in the summary so teachers can see what needs to be prepped.



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