In this lesson, students will research the physical characteristics, adaptations, and habitat of an animal and share their findings through a question-and-answer (interview) session with the animal that will be presented using a PowerPoint presentation.  Following their research, students will write a script they will use to narrate their presentation.  Images, text, animation/transition of slides will be evaluated along with the content and the writing mechanics.  This is a face-to-face format but could be virtual/distance learning.
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Laura Bunker on Feb 23, 12:22pm

Revisions based on feedback have been made. I removed the introduction activity using the scrambled word ANIMAL. Accommodations for learner differences have been added. I appreciate all the feedback I received. This lesson is adaptable and allowances should be made depending on the grade and skill level of your students. Creating a PowerPoint presentation is one option but other media could be utilized.

Megan Wakefield on Feb 23, 08:53am

I liked how you broke down the sessions in the summary so you could quickly see what it looked like to carry out this lesson plan. I also liked that this lesson plan could be applied to other subjects as well, so it could be remixed to be used for plants, people, etc. One opportunity to improve the lesson would be to do a brainstorming activity as part of the introduction. I know many time students get excited to talk about their animals. So instead of only being able to call on 3 to 5 students to hear their response by putting them in brainstorm groups it would allow more students to talk and participate. Something I wonder about the resources that might be helpful is to provide some suggestions for interview dialog on the Interview form to help students get started with ideas of what to include in their own interviews. A new idea would be to allow students more choice in how they present their information maybe by doing a skit, podcast, or using Adobe Express.

Lacia Ashton on Feb 21, 11:32am

Great lesson plan, Laura! I really appreciated the layout of the sections- they are very thorough and allow the teacher to follow the lesson at each stage. One opportunity to improve this resource would be to include the fact sheet as part of the sections you have so the teacher wouldn't need to download that resource, they can simply view the fact sheet at the same time. I also wonder if this lesson could be expanded for students to not only create a PowerPoint, maybe that's just one option, but to create an actual video they put together and show that to their classmates instead of a presentation. A new idea for this lesson could be incorporating a class crossover assignment with the students science class and having them delve into the animal science components of the animal they chose. Overall, I think you did an excellent job!

Kimberly on Feb 20, 01:59am

I love the resources for teachers! And I think the example interviews are extremely helpful. You might consider putting the questions from the Animal Fact Sheet on the online resource itself, so that anyone looking at the resource can view what the fact sheet has on it without downloading the fact sheet. With this lesson, with having the students look up info/pics online, will the teacher be guiding the students to valuable resources they can use (such as the links given in the teacher background section)? Something to consider for this lesson would be to have accommodations for diverse learners. Will students be allotted extra time as needed?

Jasmine on Feb 19, 05:03pm

Something I like about this resource is the sections are thoroughly explained and have a deep explanation of what is needed. Plus, I like that this resource does have some tools in place that can help teachers with this lesson. An opportunity for improvement of this resource is for the summary to be much more in-depth right now. Plus, the unscramble can be used in other sections besides the introduction. Something I wonder about this resource is how can this lesson plan be differentiated for different types of students. One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is to figure out where each part can also fit in and try arranging some parts that look different.

Sherri on Feb 18, 04:16pm

Something I like about this resource is how well put together it is. I wonder if the unscramble ANIMAL part is needed for the introduction? I think the second part of your introduction is great without the unscramble. Was there anything about strategies for diverse learners? I didn't see it, if it was there.



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