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    First Grade Animal Research Lesson Plan

    First Grade Animal Research Lesson Plan


    This is a lesson plan was created to help librarians and first grade teachers teach their students about research. The format is note taking and a Power Point presentation. 

    Background for Teachers

    • To teach this lesson, you will need an understanding of how to access Utah's Online Library.
    • The following resources can help you teach this topic. A Power Point template for your students to use.



    This research project can be used by a classroom teacher or the school librarian. It is a project to introduce first grade students to basic research skills.

    • Time frame = 4 45 minute class periods
    • Format = best delivered face to face but could be modified for sychronus teaching


    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

    Step 1 Goals and Outcomes


    Learning Intentions:

    • Students will be able to choose a mammal to research
    • Students will be able to research basic topics about their mammal using Utah's Online Library resources.

    Success Criteria:

    • Students will complete a Power Point presentation about their mammal
    • Students will be able to present their Power Point


    Step 2 - Planning Instruction

    Step 2 Planning Instruction

    Student Background Knowledge

    • Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of how to access Utah's Online Library and the available resources.

    Strategies for Diverse Learners

    One way to modify this lesson would be to have the students divided into teams. These teams could be derived of higher and lower students so they can help one another with the research. 

    Step 3 - Instruction

    Step 3 Instruction


    Teachers will need to show students how to acces Utah's online library and how to use World Book Online that is within Utah's Online Library. An overview of showing students how to find information and how to write that information down on their notes will be necessary. The teacher will model what this information gathering looks like. The teacher will need to show students how to move their information from their notes to the Power Point presentation.


    Step 4 - Assessments

    Step 4 Assessments

    The Power Point slide show and presentation will be the final assessment.

    Please find the rubric in the attachments.