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    Parts of a Book

    Parts of a Book


    Students will watch a short video about the parts of a book and then test their memory to see how much they can remember.


    Students will watch a short video about the parts of a book and then test their memory to see how much they can remember.


    Student Prior Knowledge

    What is a book, how do we hold a book, etc

    Intended Learning Outcomes

    Students will be able to identify the parts of a book including; front cover, back cover, spine, title, author, illustrator.

    Instructional Procedures

    3 min.
    We are going to learn about the parts of a book today. You get to watch a short video about the parts of the a book and then your challenge is to see how much you can remember.

    2 min
    Watch the youtube video clip. As you watch you will need to read for students the text that shows up in the video.

    10 min
    Have students share what they saw/remember from the book. If they don't bring up all the parts of a book prompt them to tell you more or bring it up yourself "what about ____". Then hold up an actual book and go through the parts of a book again having students help you label the different parts as you go.

    10 min.
    Give students the assessment page. Tell them that they need to think about what you have learned and use the pieces at the bottom of the page to label the parts of the book. Give students time to cut out and paste the labels on to the picture.

    You can also have students write the words on the picture and use the labels at the bottom as a word bank.

    Strategies for Diverse Learners

    One on one help for students that may not have understood. You can reteach and guide as needed while they are working. Have an actual book on hand to model and show the parts of the book to help them connect it to their worksheet.

    You might also repeat this lesson in small groups for students that are struggling.


    Have students use scratch paper to build their own book and draw/write the labels directly on the book.

    Assessment Plan

    Collect the worksheet page to see if they labeled everything correctly. You can also take anecdotal notes during the group discussion.