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Guiding students to choose an appropriate library book. The “I PICK” book method.Allowing students to choose their own books in the school library setting is a very important library best practice.  The I PICK the right book method represents a list of steps the students can practice to learn and relearn this skill. This lesson can be used as a first of the year library lesson and retaught throughout the year as a reinforcement for this library skill.
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Megan on Feb 01, 08:40pm

I love that there is a resource available to print or use digitally to help students remember what to think about when picking a book--the poster would be a great resource to have hanging near a class library to remember what was reviewed about picking a book.
This is definitely the beginning of a really useful resource. Consideration for how to incorporate this poster and class activities would have to be designed and planned by a teacher using this resource. I would love to see more about how to use it!

Sheila on Oct 16, 04:05pm

Hi Shawna,
This is a great start, but you are missing a lot of the details for this lesson. I always enjoyed our librarian teaching the "I PICK" strategies for choosing a good fit book to my students and I think that with a little work, this will be a wonderful lesson. Start by thinking about how you will teach this lesson in your library and plug in the details on the lesson plan rubric from there. I would guess that you explicitly teach the I PICK method (your poster is great!) and then model how you would choose a book for yourself. Consider the next step for the age level you've written this lesson for. How will you scaffold the students as they browse books so that they can select a good fit book for them? You've written in the description line, but make sure to click on the chevron/arrow to the left of each header and add more details in the box. There is a lot of information there to help guide you. Once you've fleshed it out, maybe consider adding information on how individual teachers can continue this lesson in their classrooms. I bet your teachers would appreciate it. Great work so far!
In summary:
Something I like about this resource is...it is a wonderful idea and a very valuable lesson for all kids.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is...flesh out your details so that library teachers can follow along with your lesson plan.
Something I wonder about this resource is...how will you provide scaffolding for your students as they learn this skill?
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is...adding information for teachers that will allow them to continue teaching this topic in their classrooms.



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