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    Fundraiser Favorite

    Fundraiser Favorite


    This is a fun follow up lesson after students have learned the basics of bar graphs. Teacher will model interviewing students about their favorite fundraiser, record the information and then create a bar graph to explain findings. As groups, the students will also interview, make a bar graph and then present to the class.


    This face to face lesson is a fun way for students to show they understand collecting data as well as making a bar graph using Numbers on an ipad. This lesson will take 45 min and it may possibly carry over to the next day if needed for presenting.

    Background for Teachers

    Teachers must know basic understanding of gathering data, creating a bar graph using ipads Numbers app and how to use imovie for extensions.

    Goals and Outcomes

    Students will work as a group and be able to carry on a simple interview, record data in "Numbers" app and explain bar graph results with four categories.

    Planning Instruction

    Students will need to already know yesterday's lesson on data gathering as well as graphs.

    Scaffolding in today's lesson will look like group work and the teacher walking around to give suggestions. Those that stuggle verbally can inupt information for the group.

    Get students thinking of possible interview topics by asking them what categories interest them. What discussions do they hear on the playground? Favorite movie, favorite animal?



    Before beginning today, the teacher will give a quick review of yesterday's lesson on data and bar graphs. There could be a discussion on which school fundraiser is the most beneficial. Teacher will model interviewing a sample of students, recording their preference in "Numbers" app, and analyzing the bar graph. All students must know how to input and read bar graph.


    -Open the "Numbers" app on their iPad. 

    -Create a New Document and choose Table and Chart.

    -Rename the Table and change each item with their own ideas.

    -Change Category A to 3rd grad and Category B to 6th grade

    -Remove two columns. 

    -Add your data from both classes into the chart.

    -Rename the Chart 1.

    Teacher will continue to model how to explain the bar graph and what the results show us. Below is attached a example of Favorite Funraiser Bar Graph. Explain expectations: group needs to decide their question, 4 categories on the bar graph, all students participate, find at least 30 students (so each group is divided into 3's for interviewing) per group.

    5 minutes to decide question or have teacher help

    10 min to interview,

    10 min to gather information,

    10 min to create bar graph

    If time, have each group present their findings or can do the following day.


    Students will be assessed on participation as well as the components of their chart. Teacher should be asking questions during presentation or while walking around to see if students are understanding. See rubric below.


    Teacher will need access to ipad with "Numbers" app as well as a way to mirror screen in front of class. Each group of students will need access to an ipad with "Numbers" as well. Also all will need imovie app for creating video is you choose the extension.


    As an extention, groups could create an imovie about their interview and results. Using videos, pictures, voice over and other media, students could defend that they feel is best out of all the choices or they could just present their findings in a more creative way.