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Bees and Pollination

Bees and Pollination


This is a Pre-K to K lesson about bees and how they help our food grow by pollinating plants. The lesson includes Keynote slides identifying bees from other insects, repetition of the word pollination, a video of the author with backyard bees, and a worksheet assessment.

Students will learn how to spot a bee vs other flying insects, what pollination means, what a beehive looks like, and will see bees pollinating flowers and carrying pollen to their hive.

Summary and Materials

This is a full lesson plan and supplemental materials about Bees and Pollination. It is designed for Pre-K and K classrooms and aligns with:

  1. Standard Pre-K.Strand 3.Living Things: Standard 3–4 yr.3.2

Obtain and communicate information about the pattern between living things and the places where they live. Emphasize that living things need water, air, and resources, and they live in places that have the things they need to survive.

The lesson is 35-40 minutes long with Keynote slides, a short movie of the author and her husband in their backyard with their bees (this is also on a Keynote slide), a game idea that reinforces learning concepts, and a simple worksheet assessment in Pages with rubric.


Title photo by Michael Anfang on Unsplash