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    Opinion Writing using Digital Story


    This is a lesson plan created by myself.  It is meant to guide a teacher through the use of using Flip grid for Opinion Writing. 



    This lesson will be for 2nd graders using opinion writing.  The students will write an opinion piece. The students will need about 5 days to plan and create their writing and digital story.  This will be done face to face. 





    Background for Teachers

    To teach this lesson you need an undesrtanding of Facts vs. Opinions.  Please ee the video link to help faciliate a discussion on what a fact vs and opinion is.

    You will need knowledge of the Utah Core writing standards.

    You will also need to know transition words to be used in opinion writing.




    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

    Step 1 Goals and Outcomes

    Learning Intentions:
          -Students will be able to understand fact vs. opinion.
         -Students will be able to write their opinion and give reasons to support their opinion. 

    Success Criteria:
           -Students will be able to give reasons to support their opinion about the topic. 






    Step 3 - Instruction

    Step 3 Instruction

    Day 1-Students will watch video on fact and opinion.  Teacher will review fact vs opinions.  Have student state different opinions on varrious topics.   Introduce the topic they will be writing about which is : Do you think students should have homework? Have students brainstorm with a buddy on reasons they think students should or should not have homework.  Have students get out their journal and make a list of their reasons. 


    Day 2-Review  fact vs opinion with class. Have students get out their list from their journal they created yesterday.  Next, beging the writing process.  All students should have a sheet of Opinion transtion sentences starters. Students will need  a blank piece of paper to turn into a 4 square.   Teacher will model writing a topic sentence then student's turn to write their topic sentence.  The teacher will continue to model writing in each of the boxes and the students follow completing their 4 square on opinion writing. 

    Day 3-Students will get out their 4 square writing  from the previous day and ediit.  The teacher will model checking for endmarks, capitol letters.  Next, the children will transfer their writing into their journal.  Once that is completed, students will get with a buddy and read their writing out loud.


    Day 4-Students will get their Chromebooks and log onto Flip grid.  The students need to get out their finished piece of writing.  Students will record their story using FlipGrid.  If other students need time finishing their writing this is a good day to do that.


    Day 5-Share flipgrid stories with the class! 







    In this section, you will include your instructional procedures. Be sure to incorporate student agency, customized supports, and opportunities to read, write, speak, and listen while providing multiple opportunities to show mastery over time.

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    • Files:
      • PDF of an article students will read
      • Document or spreadsheet on which students will record answers or research findings
      • Presentation teachers can use during instruction
      • Images used to enhance instruction
    • Links:
      • Nearpod lesson teachers can use during instruction
      • Utah's Online Library resource
      • Video found in eMedia, YouTube, or Vimeo
      • Internet article or activity


    Step 2 - Planning Instruction

    Step 2 Planning Instruction

    Prior to this lessson students will need to have an understanding of using the model of 4 square writing.

    Prior to this lesson students will need to have used FlipGrid. 

    Prior to this lesson students will need to know how to write a complete sentence. 




    Step 4 - Assessments

    Step 4 Assessments



    Assessing Student Learning:

    Student's Learning will be assessed by their final flip grid presentation.  The teacher will  observe their presentation and look for 3 reasons that support their opinion.  To accomdate students that may struggle speaking, the teacher will asses their writing assignment.