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This lesson is a fun and engaging way for students to learn about idioms. There are activities that incorporate group work, as well as independent work. Students will illustrate their chosen idiom with the literal meaning and then explain the intended meaning in small groups. 
Elementary English Language Arts
Upper Elementary
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Keri on Jun 15, 09:36am

Something I like about this resource is the Google Slides presentation that has unique images illustrating the "literal" meaning of several idioms. An opportunity to improve this resource is to fix the spelling mistake in the word meaning in the description of this resource. Something I wonder about this resource is if it would be helpful to add visuals of the idioms in actual practice (example: "raining cats and dogs" might include a visual of cats and dogs falling from the sky as well as a downpour of rain. One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is to clear the duplicate listings of documents.

Caroline Judd @Keri on Jun 15, 11:40pm

Thank you for catching the spelling error. I made the correction. I also included a visual of "raining cats and dogs." T/his is something that I have provided when I taught the lesson, but forgot to include it when I was sharing this lesson. I have also gone through and cleaned up the duplicates. I appreciate your feedback.

Jamie Mathews on Jun 12, 12:09am

•Something I like about this resource is the slide presentation of different images relating to the idioms.
•An opportunity for improvement of this resource is in the background for teacher section there is a grammar mistake.
•Something I wonder about this resource is how well the students can draw the different idioms. It would be interesting to see how this would work with my adult ESOL students.
•One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is sharing a videos of people using idoms in realife situations.

Caroline Judd @Jamie Mathews on Jun 15, 11:44pm

Thanks for catching my grammar mistake; I corrected it. I would also like to see how this would work with adults! I love the idea of sharing videos of people using idioms. This is something I will incorporate.



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