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Students will use what they have learned about descriptive writing--show don’t tell, vivid verbs and adjectives, sensory details, and figurative language--to write a snapshot detailed description of a picture they find or create.  Students select a picture of their choice and then write an extended paragraph. 
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Cynthia Barney on Jun 23, 04:04pm

I like your ideas for writing in this lesson. The only suggestion I might have is that you have students going to a couple of different places and doing a couple of steps for the Scavenger Hunt. It might be a little confusing--I was a bit confused about how it works. But great ideas for getting students writing descriptively!!

Crescent on Jun 17, 07:34am

Great lesson plan. I really like the scaffolding you’ve provided to revise the students work. I noticed a typo in the first line of your summary “t they”.
I wonder how labeling the descriptive words will encourage students to carefully select their words when writing other pieces.
An opportunity for improvement is to add diversity in your assessment. One new idea to consider could be having students work together to evaluate their work.

Caroline Judd on Jun 15, 11:21pm

Something I like about this resource is… I like how you provide a rubric and examples for the students to look at. I also love how you have the students post their final draft on Padlet and use a scavenger hunt to view other students’ work. An opportunity for improvement of this resource is… Is providing more scaffolding in the template that breaks down the structure that is easier to follow.Something I wonder about this resource is how the Figurative Language Revision Slips are organized in a way that is clear for students to understand. One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is to have students pair up and collaborate to create a new descriptive piece of writing.

Elisabeth on Jun 11, 03:13pm

I revised the lesson to add more scaffolding ideas and extensions for diverse learners. I also added in ideas for ELL students as well. I gave photo attribution for the the thumbnail in the introduction to the assignment.

Alex Floch on Jun 10, 03:05pm

I really like how accessible and applicable this source is for different grade levels. I teach Creative Writing seniors and could easily see myself using this with a higher level mentor text for my classes.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is to include more specific ways of modifying this for diverse learners.
Something I wonder about this resource is if you could allow ELL students to do this in a different language (either using a mentor text in their native language, providing guided notes, or allowing students to respond in their native language.) I did like the idea of shortening the paragraph, but I think including other scaffolds/modification would make this stronger.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource might be how to extend what students are doing to appeal to students who are already proficient in this or include ways to facilitate peer tutoring or other ways of extending this to different learners.



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