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This is a lesson plan for teaching feelings happy, sad, scared, mad to young children.
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Raquel on Oct 19, 10:20pm

Thank you Katie for your comments and suggestions. I have revised spelling and grammar in the lesson. I also noted where to find the resources that are attached to the lesson. I liked the suggestion to to create subheadings under proceedures, but I chose not to do so at this time. This lesson was designed to meet a broad range of learners, ranging from preschool students to older students with severe and/or profound cognitive disabilities. I felt that leaving a wide range of options without subheadings would allow the user more creativity in choosing and tailoring the resources to their specific need. Depending on the use and purpose this may be something to add in the future. Thank you for the ideas!

Katie Blunt on Oct 19, 11:24am

Something I like about this resource is that it is clearly aligned to preschool health education standards. There are also clear strategies for diverse learners, including built-in visual supports for limited verbal students and varied sensory experiences.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is to do another proofreading to catch grammar, spelling, and sentence typos. There are some sentences and words that are not quite reading fluently.
More things I like about this resource are that it is a complete lesson plan, not just an activity or project description. The instructional procedures are clear and complete. I also like that you have utilized other eMedia resources in the lesson.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is to create subheadings in the Instructional Procedures section. The lesson follows a nice "I do, we do, y'all do, you do" pattern, and it might be nice to highlight those steps in the way you have written out the plan. You could also refer to the attached files in your procedures. For example, when you mention the emotion images you could mention that they are attached at the bottom of that section of the lesson.


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