This lesson plan was designed for speech-language pathologists working with small groups or 1:1 but can be adapted to classrooms. Feel free to adapt this lesson in any way that works for you.
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Anne Brown on Jul 14, 03:34pm

• Something I like is in the assessment it was very specific of 80%.
• I’m not sure about an opportunity for improvement, I think it was done well.
• Something I wonder about is in the assessment is how to find other ways to practice verbs.
• One idea to consider is give an example of an alternate way to assess/practice verbs.

Shelly Reichmann on Jun 11, 02:45pm

I like this lesson plan because it is very simple to follow. The links to resources for pictures are helpful. So nice to have a free resource included as well as the potential paid resource. I think the instructions on Section 3 might be improved if an example is given for bullet point 3. (Example: "The cat sees the truck. Yesterday the cat saw the truck.") One of the resources had a nice data log, but I wonder if you perhaps have one that you have developed that you like? If so, you might want to consider including it with the resource.

Marcie Stevenson @Shelly Reichmann on Jun 11, 03:06pm

Thank you for the suggestions, Shelly. I added an example for Section 3 and I attached the data log that I use for therapy. Hopefully, they will be helpful for others.



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