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Middle School
Fairy Tale, Literature, Narrative, july21
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Education Standards

Storytelling with Fairy Tales


This resource will be used to write a narrative story. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of literary elements and elements of a fairy tale. 

8th Grade English Language Arts

This lesson will hellp students tell stories using fairy tales as their inspiration. 

Standards Covered

Writing Standard 3
Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, relevant descriptive details, and well-structured event sequences.

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Lesson Plan

Materials/Apps/Sites: For this lesson, the materials used will include worksheets (see attached), a short film from the Fairy Tale Theater series and the film Tangled, and art supplies. 

Background for teachers: This lesson gives a brief background of fairy tales. Students will learn the original and disturbing endings of some popular fairy tales. Students will then rewrite a popular fairy tale with a twist or change. (They can choose to change the protagnist, setting, resolution, or climax to change the story). Students will write their narratives in a graphic novel format. 

Student prior knowledge: Students will go into this activity with knowledge of literary elements and the structure of a plot chart. 

Intended learning outcomes: The intended learning outcomes of this activity is to give students the opportunity to create a narrative that demonstrates their knowledge of literary elements and the plot chart and reviews the use of these elements. 

Instructional procedures: 

1. Introduce elements of a fairy tale and original endings of some fairy tales as students take notes.

2. View a short film from the Fairy Tale Theater series. Students will identify fairy tale elements found in the film.

3. Students will plan out and create a fairy tale with a twist that include all of the elements of literature.

4. Students will read the original version of the fairy tale "Rapunzel". Students will fill out a plot chart as they read the story of "Rapunzel". Students will then view the film Tangled. As students watch, they will fill out a plot chart for the film. They will also identify fairy tale elements found in the film.

5. At the close of the unit, students will write a short compare/contrast essay comparing the original story of "Rapunzel" to the film Tangled

Assessment Plan or Rubric: Students will be assessed with a rubric. Their narratives must contain all of the literary elements and at least 3 elements of a fairy tale. They will plan out their stories before they write them to ensure they have all of the required elements in their stories.