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Creating Quadrilateral Movies

Creating Quadrilateral Movies


This is a lesson plan where students create a movie about quadrilaterals and naming them by their attributes.


Students will create Movies describing and naming different quadrilaterals. It will take them about 5, 30 minute sessions for students to complete the project. It can be done by individual students or in small groups. This lesson can be used synchronous or asynchronous. This could be assigned face-to-face or vitual.

Background for Teachers

To teach this lesson, you will need an understanding of quadrilaterals and how to classify them. You will need to understand parallel lines and right angles. You will need to know the attributes of trapezoids, rectangles, rhombuses, and squares.

Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes


Learning Intentions:

  • Students will be able to explain the classification of quadrilaterals based on the attributes of sides and angles.

Success Criteria:

  • Students will create a movie explaining the classification of quadrilaterals. and the names of specific quadrilaterals.

Step 2 - Planning Instruction


Student Background Knowledge

Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of parallel lines, right angles, quadrilaterals and how to classify quadtrilaterals based on their attributes. Students will need to know how to recognize a trapezoid, rectangle, rhombus, and square.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

Pairing students who have a lesser understanding of these concepts with a student who is more proficient will help the student with the lesser knowlege gain a better understanding as they work together to create or find quadrilaterals for each type. Students will be able to show their learning in different ways (visual, written, spoken words, etc.) When students have difficultly in one area, you can grade the assignment on the other ways they explained it.

Step 3 - Instruction

Assign students the portion they will be in charge of (individual project - the whole thing; small groups - 1 type/page each; partners - working together on the whole thing. You will have to decide what will be best for your students.

In the iPad app Pages create a explanation/example page for each of the following:

  • Quadrilaterals
  • Trapezoids
  • Rectangles
  • Rhombuses
  • Square

Also create a relationship page for all the quadrilaterals.

Each explanation/example page needs to have the name of the quadrilateral, the key attributes, and 4-6 examples. Students can take pictures, draw, or use the shapes included in Pages. You will need to take a screenshot of each page when you finish.

Put together a picture slideshow of the explanation/example pages in iMovies. Record an oral explanation for each screenshot explaning the quadrilateral with the relationship page at the end. Adjust the lenth of time each screenshot is showing based on how long their audio is.

Videos with an oral explanation for any quadrilaterals found in real life can be added to the movie.

Be prepared to share the iMovie with the class.

See the example

Step 4 - Assessments