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Learn to Create a Google Slide Presentation

Learn to Create a Google Slide Presentation


This lesson play will help students learn to create a presentation using Google Slides by accessing the Google Applied Digital Skills lesson "Create a Presentation  All About a Topic". 

This lesson plan will guide students through creating a topic presentation using Google Slides and the Applied Digital Skills Lessons.

Using The Applied Digital Skills Google for Education lessons, students will create a presentation "All About A Topic".  For this specific assignment, speech therapy students will choose a favoriate animal to create a topic presentation using Google Slides. 

  • Time frame : (5-6) 20 minute speech therapy sessions 
  • Format: face to face speech therapy sessions 
  • Author: Tracy Janes 


Background for Teachers

To teach this lesson, you will need an understanding of Google Slides and the basics of the Google Education suite of products. Using the Applied Digital Skills lesson, the students will walk step by step through the basics of making a presentation in Google Slides. 

The following resources in the Utah's Online Library will be helpful for this lesson: 

Gale in Context - Animals 

Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

Goals and Outcomes


Learning Intentions:

  • Students will be able to use Google Slides to form a presentation all about a topic.
  • Students will follow the Applied Digital Skills lesson plan to create the slides. 

Success Criteria:

  • Students will follow the directions in the Applied Digital Skills lesson and share a Google Slide presentation on an animal of their choice with 2 peers. 


Step 2 - Planning Instruction

Planning Instruction

Student Background Knowledge

Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of basic computer skills. The Applied Digtal Skills Lesson will teach them how to make a Google Slide Presentation by following the video/steps. 

Strategies for Diverse Learners

This lesson can be adjusted to meet the needs of diverse learners by providing assistance at a necessary rate. If the students require more help with Google Tools, a peer could be used to assist. Teachers can have the video on in front of the class or small group for those who need to be able to review the steps of follow directions visually. 

Step 3 - Instruction


Session 1

(20 minutes of instruction)

Materials: Chromebooks for each student

1. Talk about Google Slides and Applied Digital Skills lesson for Creating A Topic Presentation

2. Watch the introduction video

3. Follow the video Instructions

  1. Sign into your Google account.
  2. Create a new presentation in Google Slides.
  3. Give your presentation a title.


Sesson 2

(20 minutes)

Materials: Chromebooks for each student

1. Watch Lesson 2 

2. Follow video instruction. 

  1. Choose a theme for your presentation. We will be doing a presentation on our favorite animal. Using the Gale in Context site on the Utah Online Library, have the students select an animal of their choice. 
  2. Add three slides to your presentation.
  3. Type a title on your title slide based on the animal you have selected. 

Session 3/4

(20 minutes each) 

Materials: Chromebooks for each student 

1. Watch Lesson 3

2. Follow video instruction.

  1. Add three slides and title them. The three slides for our presentation will be WHERE THEY LIVE, HOW THEY LOOK and HOW THEY ACT. These topics are based on the Gale in Context facts for each animal.  
  2. Format each slide with text and images to share about that topic. 
  3. Preview your presentation in “present mode.”
  4. Make changes, if you like.

2. These sessions may take longer depending on level of support necessary for students in your group. 


Session 5 (OPTIONAL)

(20 minutes)

Materials: Chromebooks for each student

1. Watch Lesson 4 - Add Animations and Transitions

This lesson is optional for students. Teachers should be aware of the ablities of each student and their Google knowledge and skill. If animation and transitions are above the skill level of students, skip this lesson. 

2. Follow video Instructions

  1. Animate the images and text on your slides.
  2. Adjust the effects and the speed of the animations.
  3. Choose transitions to appear between slides.


Session 6 

(20 minutes)

Materials: Chromebooks for each student

1. Watch Lesson 5 - Digitally Share and Comment 

2. Follow video Instructions

  1. Digitally share your presentation with a partner.
  2. Leave at least three comments for your partner.
  3. Open your presentation to review the comments your partner left for you

Step 4 - Assessments



Instructor may use the attached Multimedia Presentation Rubic to measure each Google Slide Presentation. Students may also fill out the Google Form to address their own knowledge as an EXIT TICKET.