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This lesson introduces and practices both singular and plural possessive nouns.  Students are introduced to the skill through a YouTube video.  Students will then practice writing possessive nouns on whiteboards followed by a worksheet.  There is a Nearpod activity linked for extra practice.  To assess, students will write a paragraph using a minimum of seven possessives correctly, both singular and plural.  Having the students type the assessment paragraph in Google Classroom is very helpful. A rubic is also attached.  The Nearpod is not my own.  It is from the Nearpod team.  Thumbnail credit: Twitter @ApostropheESS.
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Jenifer on Oct 20, 10:39pm

I loved how easy your lesson was to follow. the YouTube videos in a Nearpod are a favorite of mine as I like to input questions and responses throughout the videos to encourage and track student focus on the content I feel is important to their learning through that video. Removing the Flocabulary portion was also a great idea since I do not have an account and would not use the resource if I were to see a program or link that I do not have access to.

ILA on Oct 19, 06:45pm

To improve this lesson I deleted the Flocabulary portion because a teacher needs an account to access Flocabulary. The account is only temporary. Also, I gave credit to Nearpod for their activity.

Robyn on Oct 17, 04:05pm

Something I like about this resource is that the information is very clear and precise, the lesson plan is super easy to follow & if I taught this subject, it would be an easy lesson plan to implement in my classroom the day I saw it! I love that you gave them everything they need right up front, and it is clear and concise.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is to create your own neared using the YouTube videos, so that I have another element of activity to do with my students. I think you could put the flocabulary video in a neared or something and rather than having to pause at the talking points, the neared video would automatically do that for us!
Something I wonder about this resource is if the nearpod attached is one that the author made, or if it is a premade lesson from nearpod. I think it is one that nearpod made for teachers, but some of the information in it was not mentioned in the lesson plan, so that somewhat confused me.

ILA @Robyn on Oct 17, 10:30pm

Thank you very much. I love the idea of putting the youtube videos in Nearpod. Also, yes the Nearpod attached was premade by Nearpod and I didn't give credit. I will fix that. You have been very helpful.


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