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    Possessive Nouns

    Possessive Nouns


    This lesson introduces and practices both singular and plural possessive nouns.  Students are introduced to the skill through a YouTube video.  Students will then practice writing possessive nouns on whiteboards followed by a worksheet.  There is a Nearpod activity linked for extra practice.  To assess, students will write a paragraph using a minimum of seven possessives correctly, both singular and plural.  Having the students type the assessment paragraph in Google Classroom is very helpful. A rubic is also attached.  The Nearpod is not my own.  It is from the Nearpod team.  Thumbnail credit: Twitter @ApostropheESS.

    Students will learn how to punctuate singular and plural possessive words.

    In this lesson, students will learn about possessive nouns and practice placing apostrophes. Students will watch a  youtube video on possessive nouns and practice forming and writing possessives using objects around the classroom. They will refer to a flow chart to decide the placement of the apostrophe. Students will then work independently to complete a worksheet.

    • Time frame: 45-60 minutes for lesson 1.  Review as many days as needed before giving the assessment.
    • Format:  Face-to-face but could easily be done virtually
    • Author:  Ila White


    Background for Teachers

    It is helpful if students have already learned about nouns and pronouns. Students also need to know the vocabulary terms singular and plural

    I like to have my students type their paragraphs in Google Classroom.  This needs to be set up prior to administering the assessment.

    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

    Goals and Outcomes


    • Identify possessive nouns
    • Create sentences using possessive nouns
    • Write possessive nouns using apostrophes in the appropriate places

    Success Criteria:

    • Students will write a paragraph using both singular and plural possessives correctly.  They will need a minimum of seven correctly used possessives for mastery. They will be graded using a rubric.

    Step 2 - Planning Instruction

    Planning Instruction

    Student Background Knowledge

    • Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of nouns and pronouns. Students also need to know the vocabulary terms singular and plural.

    Differentiation:  Students who don't pass the formative assessment may need to focus only on singular possessives.  There is a worksheet attached for them.  Also, partnering up students who are struggling with students who understand the concept is always helpful.  

    Step 3 - Instruction

    The Youtube video and the Nearpod videos are not mine,  


    Day 1

    1. Tell students that today we will be talking about possessive nouns. Remind them that a noun is a person, place or thing.

    2. Show the youtube video.

    3. Post the Possessive Flow Chart.

    4. Have students choose an object from around the classroom.  Using some of those objects as examples, write the possessive on the board.  Example:  John's pen      Be sure to model both singular and plural possessives.

    5. Have students get their whiteboards out and continue the activity. As you say the possessive nouns, the students will write the possessive nouns on their whiteboards. Again, be sure to use both singular and plural possessives. 

    6. Students will now complete a worksheet independently. This will be a formative assessment.

    Day 2

    1. Repeat Day 1.  Do this as many days as you feel necessary. There are also many excellent nearpod lessons.

    2. Work with students who didn't complete the previous day's worksheet correctly. Some students may need to only work on singular possessive. 

    Day 3+

    Summative Assessment: Create an assignment in Google Classroom for students to type a paragraph.  Attach the rubic.



    Step 4 - Assessments


    When you feel your students are ready, have them write one or two paragraphs using singular and plural possessives.  I like to set this up in Google Classroom.  Using paper and pencil works great also.  Students need to use at least seven possessive nouns correctly for mastery.  (See rubric)