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Building a Website


This lesson plan is to teach students to build a website using google sites.


Students will create a website to show their work.  Discussions will be had about why this might be useful in the future.

  • Time frame: 45 min - Several days depending on how much you want them to do on their website.
  • Format (synchronous, asynchronous, face-to-face, virtual, etc.) Anything will work so long as students have access to google.
  • Authors (if others contributed to the creation of this lesson): We will use Google's training on building a website and a youtube video.  Other than that, it's just me.


Background for Teachers

To teach this lesson you'll want to look at This website.  It's where you'll see what they will be asked to do.

Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

Goals and Outcomes

Students will be able to understand why they should build a website.  Students will create a website with a homepage and at least one other page displaying some of their work and an explanation of that work.  You can add more pieces on depending on what you use this lesson for.

Step 2 - Planning Instruction

Planning Instruction

Students will need to have some pieces of work to display on their websites.  For some this could be pieces of writing, videos of them doing something, or pictures of their work.  For others you may need to provide pieces of work, or make sure they have some work in Google.  It can just be random pieces if you want.  Google also gives some pieces they can use if they don't have any.

Step 3 - Instruction


Start with this video. Then have a discussion as to why you might want to have a website.  Discuss giving it to recruiters for college athletics, theaters, or art programs.  It could also be used by photographers, or website designers.  Some way to show their work.

Give them the requirements from you.  They will need to follow the online tutorial, but you may want to add some extra requirements.

Give them this website. and have them follow the instructions to build their own websites.  Give them time to do it.


Step 4 - Assessments


Have them do a self evaluation of their website, giving things they'd like to fix about it.

Have them publish and share their website with you.  Grade the website based on the requirements given.