This is a lesson plan created for Earth Day using an Applied Digital Skills lesson. After providing students with background on Earth Day, students will take charge of their learning by following the lesson to explore a topic centered around Earth Day. Students will be creating a presentation using a Google Application and will share the presentation with the class.
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Applied Digital Skills Lesson
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on May 25, 07:27pm Evaluation

UT.LIBM.IR.K5.7.1.b: Strong (2)

This lesson relies on student research and information gathering in order for each of the standards to be met completely. The teacher may need to curate text passages specific to the topic in order to verify that correct information is being used.

on May 25, 07:27pm Evaluation

Quality of Assessments: Strong (2)

While there are assessments included in the lesson through projects and supplemental activities, there are no assessments or lesson directives tied to the standard for comparing/contrasting texts.

Keri on May 25, 07:10pm

I am looking forward to using this resource, and am a bit sad that I have to wait an entire year to do so! This is so well laid-out, clear, and ready for immediate implementation in the classroom. The related resource links (Nearpod, Kahoot, etc.) make this a well-rounded lesson with great supplemental materials in place. This is a super find because of its tie-in to many standards for K-5 learning.



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