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    Digital Citizenship in a 6th Grade Classroom

    Digital Citizenship in a 6th Grade Classroom


    This lesson is designed to help students understand the importance of good digital citizenship in five different areas. 


    This lesson is meant to wrap up the digital citizenship unit.  Students will have explored the five areas of Google's Internet Awesome Curriculum and will come togehter as a group to create a presentation. 



    Teachers will have taught Google's Internet Awesome curriculum found here:  Teachers should be familliar with each of the five areas in the currciulum and spent at least one class period teaching each of the five areas. 

    Teachers should also have already set up classroom norms when it comes to computers in the classroom.  I found this document helpful in setting up routines.

    Goals and Outcomes

    Goals and Outcomes

    Learning Intentions:

    • Students will be able to create a Google Presentation with their group describing the five areas of Google's Internet Awesome. 

    Success Criteria:

    • Students will become experts in their area and will be able to present and explain their area of expertiese to the class. 

    Planning Instruction

    Planning Instruction

    Student Background Knowledge

    • Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of computer norms of the classroom, basic computer skills, creating a Google Presenation and working with groups. 

    Strategies for Diverse Learners

    • For all students to be successful they will need to work in groups.  Students should be grouped together using diverse groups of students in each group, this will allow students that struggle the supports they need with stronger students guding the way.

    Step 3 - Instruction


    Teachers will use the curriculm found here:

    Students will play this game to review the digital citizenship currirulum that was taught. 

    After playing the game, the students will come together to create their slide presenation.  Students will each be assigned an area that they will become experts on and then come together with their group to create the presentation. 

    Students can use this resources to help with their presentations. 




    Step 4 - Assessments

    Students will be graded on their overall presentation, how well they explained each of the five areas and how they worked in groups.