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This is a lesson plan created by Amy Baldwin.After viewing and responding to a Digital literacy slide presentation, Students will interview each other using an interest inventory. They will work in pairs and then independently create a google slide presentation based on their answers to their inventory.They will present their slide show to the class. The teacher will use a rubric to grade while the student is presenting.
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Interest Inventory/student presentation
Secondary English Language Arts, Media and Communications, Professional Learning
Upper Elementary, Middle School
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Kristi Connell on Jul 17, 01:43pm

Fun get to know you activity. Would be great for the beginning of the year.

Amy Baldwin on Apr 20, 07:10pm

Thanks, Katie,
I clarified the resource for the teacher-led and self-paced instructions- it is a combination of both. It is recommended for the teacher to teach the lesson first with teacher-led in preview mode then have the students work independently as a self paced lesson,

Amy Baldwin on Apr 20, 07:07pm

Amy, I love that this resource is so interactive. It would be so engaging for students.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is to include on your overview page some of the information found in the teacher guide in the Nearpod about student grouping for some of the activities.
Something I wonder about this resource is if you used it as a teacher-led activity, student-paced, or a combination of both.
One great thing about Nearpod is the ability that teachers have to make changes to fit the needs of their students.
I think your resource is great and can see the value of using it in the classroom. Katie Reed, April 10, 2021



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