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    Taking Action Against Cyberbullying

    Taking Action Against Cyberbullying


    This lesson is designed to help students understand how they can be the change with cyberbullying. Students will work together in small groups to come up with a plan to be the change in their classroom and school. o

    The standard is the not included below but is ISTE Student Standard for Digital Citizenship - 2b.


    In this lesson, students will learn what it means to stand up for those being bullied online. They will also learn the importance of understanding the feelings of others.

    • Time frame: 60 - 90 minutes
    • Format: face-to-face
    • Authors: Nicole Sperry
    • Ideas and other resources borrowed from:
        • Grade 7: Upstanders and Allies: Taking Action Against Cyberbullying


    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

    Goals and Outcomes

    Learning Intentions:


    • Students will listen to the pespective others
    • Students will be able to to identify ways to support others who are being bullied
    • Students will work together to come up with ways to respond to cyberbullying
    • Students will come up with a school-wide plan to share with the principal



    Step 2 - Planning Instruction

    Planning Instruction

    Student Background Knowledge

    • Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding that there are different types of bullying. Physical bullying is just one type.

    Strategies for Diverse Learners

    Students will work together to answer questions and come up with solutions.

    Step 3 - Instruction


    Instructional Steps:

    1. Ask the principal to come to the class and ask students to be part of a very important task. "We need your class to come up with ideas and solutions to combat cyberbullying in our school."
    2. Begin by defining cyberbullying - ask students "What is Cyberbullying."
    3. After watching the video "Zoe's Bullying Story," brain ideas on what others could have done to support Zoe. Have students break into assigned groups with each group over supporting Zoe -
      1. Zoe
      2. Zoe's Friends
      3. Zoe's Teachers
      4. Zoe's School
    4. Come back together as a class and share the different ideas.
    5. Now have students read "Kevin and Jose" from
      1. In a small, have students discuss and fill out the questions.
    6. Next, talk to students about the importance of working together as a team to find solutions.
    7. Tell students that we are going to come up with an anti-bullying program at our school and they are in charge of the schoolwide implementation.
    8. In their small groups, they will work together to fill out this Schoolwide Plan Doc.
    9. Students will create a poster or presentation to share with the principal.
    10. Students can send an email to teacher to reflect on this process, what they learned, what they would do differently next time, etc.


    Step 4 - Assessments


    This lesson has multiple opportunities for assessment.

    • Questioning - teacher will ask questions throughout lesson to determine student understanding.
    • Student self-reflection - Students will share an email with the teacher, reflecting on what they learned.
    • Assignments - Jose & Kevin reading
    • Presentations - Presentation to Principal
    • Observations - teacher will observe student groups to ensure all students are actively participating and understanding the information.