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Breakout (Escape) Room game for helping students use 4C 21st Century Skills (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication) as well as fluently subtracting with nubers 0-20. Students will use a clue to help them figure out the letter combination to unlock the LOCK. 
Elementary Mathematics
Lower Elementary
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Game, Interactive, Student Guide
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Dustyn Allen on Apr 15, 02:11am

Something I like about this resource is the interactivity of teaching math, 21st C Skills, and the gamification of it all. My son recently played several break out rooms in 5th grade and has loved every single one of them. This one seems engaging for the students and a memorable activity to help them remember the skills.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is if you are at the zoo what if they were dealing with animals instead of balloons. I know that is a small thing and not really an improvement to consider as the author. I really like this resource and would readily use it if I taught math. Its got me thinking now about how I could create one for my students in art.
Something I wonder about this resource is are the questions too complex for the students to respond thoughtfully. I teach secondary so I'm not sure.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is allowing students restructure the breakout room along with a new puzzle.

Sarah @Dustyn Allen on Apr 15, 03:21pm

Thank you Dustyn, I agree that using something more animal related would work better for the idea of going to the zoo. I decided to change the theme to a school carnival to match the balloon idea better. Thank you! I also looked at the discussion questions at the end and re-worded ones that I thought might be too tricky for lower elementary ages students.
If are interested in learning more about creating a breakout room for art, there is a great UEN class for breakout games that is very fun and you can learn about lots of game resources for making your own.



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