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This is a lesson plan that contains ideas for teaching and practicing handwashing in the small group classroom. 
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Lesson Plan Template
Health and Medicine
Preschool, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary
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Sarah on Apr 15, 12:01am

Something I like about this resource is the use of the different videos and that you have several options so that each teacher can use the video that best fits their classroom.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is to take time to discuss specifically what germs are. In the lower grades, germs can seem like a really abstract concept because they cannot be seen.
Something I wonder about this resource is how do you plan on the handout being used? Do the students need to put the steps in the right order or do they use the handout to go wash their hands as a group?
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is using some kind of visual demonstration. I have seen the use of black lights for teaching hand washing that kids thought was very fun. Here is a link to a product that shows this concept: https://www.glogerm.com/

Annie @Sarah on Apr 16, 03:58pm

These are great comments. I added the link to more information about germs when I revised the lesson plan. I agree, a glogerm demo would be a great addition. Thanks for your feedback!

Annie on Apr 14, 07:50pm

Something I like about this resource is...it really brings the fundamentals to handwashing for classes that use this resource.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is... it should go into more depth about what germs are and how they affect the average person.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is... to have more funny stuff. If the class you are teaching is a 3rd grade class, the students will hear but they won't retain anything. Here is a funny clip from Teen Titans Go about washing.
(Gordon Funk)

Annie @Annie on Apr 16, 03:59pm

Thank you for your feedback. I added a link to more information about what germs are that has info about bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. I added the video link you suggested, though the video wouldn't be for every class, it was very funny and memorable.


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