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This is a lesson plan for upper elementary teachers who are working on the skill of stating the literal meaning of grade level idioms.
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Lesson Plan Template
English Language Arts
Upper Elementary
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Activity/Lab, Assessment
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Jalizabeth on Apr 10, 07:09pm

Based on the feedback I received from the course instructor and a peer review, I made the following changes:
1. I changed the formatting of the lesson plan to take out some pre-populated lesson plan guides.
2. I updated my summary and overview, taking our the generic eMedia information and adding my own in its place.
3. I added some websites for with lists of idioms appropriate for and commonly used by upper elementary students.
4. I aligned the lesson plan to the Utah Core Standards which I failed to do the first time.
5. I changed my thumbnail picture to one I created on Google Slides so that I wasn't infringing on any licensing agreements.

Tracy Janes on Apr 09, 10:23pm

Something I like about this resource is the way it incorporates varied digital applications including Google Slide and Kahoot. I also like how the design is divided into 4 sessions.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource would be to include a short list of age appropriate idioms by listed by grade level.
Something I wonder about this resource is: From a grade level teachers perspective, how could this be used in the regular education classroom?
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is: Honestly, nothing! I think this resource is very well done and easy to pick up and use with little prep.



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