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This is a lesson plan to help students learn how to gather information from videos or books about penguins and then take notes and write sentences from their notes. 
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Lesson Plan Template
Elementary English Language Arts, Professional Learning, Social Studies
Lower Elementary
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Assessment, Lesson Plan
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Carlie on Apr 09, 05:03pm

Hey Melynne,
Something I like about this resource is that you created a shared research and writing project that includes links to videos and pdf files for writing.
An opportunity of improvement of this resource is fixing the writing page. When I viewed it, it is upside down with a line through it. Also, there's just a couple spelling/grammar things. I noticed under Strategies for Diverse Learners word gauge had the a and u switched, under Day 2 note taking the words attached are need a space and before the list of penguin note ideas you need a colon.
Something I wonder about this resource is there a rubric to grade the four sentences at the end that you could include?
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is putting all the instruction for the teacher under the instruction section. So putting the student background assessment under the instruction section and putting day 3 writing under the instruction section but keep the last paragraph about asking questions under assessment.
This is a great lesson. Thanks for sharing!

Melynne @Carlie on Apr 09, 10:03pm

Thank you so much for your feedback! This was so helpful in fixing some things on my lesson! I really appreciate it! It was so helpful that you noticed the spelling errors to be fixed and helped me decide how to add a rubric for assessment. Thank you!



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